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Growth Forum brings together visionaries, CEOs and growth agents, who are ready to reap success from digital sales. 

#growthforum19 — 17.5.2019 Helsinki, Finland

Thank you to everyone who came!
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Sean’s keynote.


As a decision maker,

Are you having trouble finding budgets for digital growth? Are you reluctant to invest into growth hacking? In many cases, companies are falling behind with investments into digital revenue growth. Learn how other companies have managed investments in digital growth.

Have you joined the digital hype and bought products and services that are just sunken costs? Not to worry, come and hear how to turn those purchases into revenue creating machines.

Do you think ‘check!’ when you hear agile, user-centricity and service design? Good, you’re on the right track — now you need add the top layer to your existing practices: growth hacking. It’s the layer that keeps you focused on revenue and on a continuous trajectory to higher impact. 

Do you feel like your company’s culture or organisational structures are sometimes hurdles for growth? You are not alone. Growth is a mindset and a way of working. Often, the decision to focus on growth means that you’ll face big changes in your organisation and processes. 

Growth is not the easiest route, but it’s what will keep your business going in this new digital revenue focused landscape. A well-tuned growth engine is also your best insurance for a down-turn economy: sales and marketing cannot stop, but the engine must be efficient.

As a Growth Agent,

Do you want to learn a new way of working? Growth hacking is changing the ways how sales & marketing teams are built, how they work and what they can achieve.

Do you want to have more influence in your workplace? Growth hackers work right there in the core of a business. They know how to get the data, how to read it and how to use it to make more revenue.

Do you want to create impact? We honestly feel that growth hacking is the universal best practice for getting more revenue and more customers in digital channels. Growth hackers are the ones who make that happen.

The benefits of growth teams are there for anyone to grab – for both companies and employees. Sales & marketing professionals are the forerunners in this change that will shape businesses worldwide.


A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear from the founding father of growth hacking, Sean Ellis, the stories that have made Dropbox, AirBnB, Facebook and Walmart what they are today.

Learn from Marimekko, Elisa, Reima and our other partners how they have enabled a digital growth culture in their organisations and what have been their biggest downfalls, wins and learnings


Sean Ellis

Founder of Growth Hacking

Founder and CEO of Growth Hackers, first marketer at Dropbox and the guy who coined the growth hacking methodology.

He’s an entrepreneur, angel investor, and startup advisor. Sean speaks regularly to startups and Fortune 100s around the world and has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, WIRED, Fast Company, Inc.com, TechCrunch and on MSNBC.


Tiina Alahuhta-Kasko

Marimekko, CEO

Tiina is the CEO of Marimekko, one of the most iconic Finnish design brands, with designs ranging from fashion to textiles and home furnishings.

Marimekko’s growth has been extraordinary in the past few years. Tiina and Kari will share their story on how ecommerce has become a key enabler for Marimekko’s global growth success and what it has meant for them organisationally. 


Kari Härkönen

Marimekko, CDO

As the Chief Digital Officer of Marimekko, Kari has been leading the data driven development of Marimekko’s ecommerce.

Together with Tiina, Kari will share his insight on what it is like to build a data and experiment driven culture, which has allowed ecommerce to become a key enabler for Marimekko’s global growth success.


Sampo Hämäläinen & Lauri Eloranta

Founders of Columbia Road

Managing partners and founders of Columbia Road, Lauri and Sampo have been forerunners in creating and implementing the digital growth mindset to the Nordic market.

Together they will offer their insights on the challenges and wins of implementing digital growth methods from a perspective that aims to change the way businesses run their global digital sales.

Panel discussion members


Veera SIivonen

Helsingin Sanomat, CMO

Veera has been at the kernel of creating Helsingin Sanoma’s growth story: doing the impossible and turning around the declining HS subscription business into a strong growth track — two years in a row now.

According to Veera’s experience, major growth does not come from day to day operational growth hacking: one needs bigger structural changes in marketing and strategy.


Matti Liski

Elisa, Head of Online Sales

Matti has been an essential facilitator in the process of re-building Elisa’s ecommerce platform and systems from scratch with the goal of optimising the webshop customer experience, technical fluidity and business strategy.

He is a passionate advocate of the growth hacking methodology, which has proven to be an ideal solution for creating growth in Elisa’s ecommerce in the long run.


Pasi Ilola

Posti, Vice President Digital Commerce

Pasi is the person behind Posti’s (Finnish Post) digital transformation.

Posti is at the verge of a huge reformation as ecommerce and digital services grow rapidly whilst print slowly dies — both B2C and lately especially B2B have been impacted. Pasi has been directing the development of new digital commerce services and innovations with a strong focus on making processes more agile and data-driven.


Heikki Tiittanen

Reima, Director - Solution Sales

Heikki was the CEO and one of the 3 founders of Finnish Baby Box Oy (acquired by Reima Oy in Jan 2017), which grew from 0 to 1.3 M€ revenue in the two years it operated.

He has experience in integrating a startup, and growth hacking mentality into an established business. Heikki has years of experience in running global ecommerce, with focus in China.




Aalto University, Professor

Risto has a colourful history overlapping design, business, technology, and society.

Currently he is at the helm of the Information Networks program at Aalto University where he ran the first ever university level course on growth hacking together with Columbia Road.


17.5.2019 Helsinki, Finland

13:30 Doors open & networking

14:00 Keynotes

17:15 Apéro & networking

18:00 Columbia Road’s new office housewarming afterparty


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Eteläesplanadi 8

00130 Helsinki

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